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First Time Conferencing?

What is Audio Conferencing?

Audio conferencing is simply what it sounds like, conducting a conference over the telephone with 3 or more people and/or sites, all talking with each other at the same time. The Conference Group can support as many people or sites as you need connected 3, 30, 300, and more. Each conference can be customized to meet your requirements via the Conference Group's custom options.

What Are These Options?

A basic conference consists of having the participants dial the same telephone number, enter a pass code, and automatically be added to their conference. From this point a conference can be customized.
The Options Include:

Unattended conference:

This is the type of conference described above. The participant automatically enters their conference without operator intervention. The participant can dial in using their own local or long distance service, or utilize a toll free number if requested by the host when reserving the conference.

Attended Conference:

An operator answers the participants incoming telephone call and adds the participant to the conference. The participants can dial in utilizing their own local or long distance service, or toll free access or operator dial out. Both toll free and operator dial out have to be requested by the host at the time the reservation is being made. With operator dial out the operator will call the participants then the participants are added to the conference.

Full Time Operator:

An operator monitors the conference for its entire duration.

Lecture Mode:

Only the host or designated speaker can be heard. Everyone else is listen only mode.

Conference Recording:

A conference can be recorded on analog tape for mail out or digitally for storage and playback.

There are many other options. View our services to see the entire list of options and view Together Talk, our personal conference service.