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Simple, flat rate pricing for all calls 24x7 at 3.9 cents¢ per minute

Norstar makes choosing long distance service easy. Instead of a myriad of calling plans to decipher, we offer simple flat rate pricing plans for all of your calls. Your rates are the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you know exactly how much you will pay every time you make a call. Norstar Long Distance offers the lowest rates, crystal-clear connections and excellent service over Norstar's world-class network. Conveniently dial from your home, your cell phone or business using Norstar’s Service.

Some of the other benefits of Norstar Long Distance service are:

    • 3.9¢ a minute for all calls within the U.S. and Canada depending on the plan you choose
    • Low, flat rates on all local toll, in-state, state-to-state, and international calls
    • No contract or prepayment
    • No monthly calling plan fees
    • Crystal-clear call quality
    • Convenient online account management
    • 6-second billing
    • One call to make for all your services
    • One easy-to-read invoice for all of your business communication needs
    • Optional Account Codes help track long distance expenses
    • Free monthly Management Summaries give you a quick glance at call patterns and monthly expenses
    • Toll-free routing features help you manage inbound call flow
    • Bill payment options including automatic payment from your checking account or major credit card
    • Friendly in-language customer service
    • Choose from one of our 2 calling plans

Perhaps the most important benefit of Norstar Voice Services is its ability to dramatically simplify your company's communications. You can:

    • Manage your telecommunications expenses and internal cost allocations more efficiently by tailoring multiple billing options to suit your needs
    • Simplify communications between company locations and streamline international calling with company-specific rate plans

With our expense management features, your company can benefit from network solutions, including advanced features, and management capabilities that allow you to:

    • Track and allocate expenses back to employees, clients, departments, and/or jobs with accounting codes

Aspects of Norstar Voice Services can also increase operational efficiency by:

    • Ensuring that your employees are never out of touch. With Norstar, no matter where they are, your employees are connected domestically or internationally through our wide array of access types, including toll-free remote access.

As your business grows, you can count on Norstar to grow with it. Whether you need to add employees, create satellite offices, or expand into new markets, Norstar's open architecture will accommodate your technological upgrades. For example:

    • You can add employees and/or locations knowing that ANIs, calling cards, and associated features are easily integrated with consistent functionality and service.

International services allow you to create a hybrid network with access to virtually every country in the world. Traveling employees can stay connected with a calling card.

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