Dedicated Business Internet

Secure and reliable Internet service nationwide.
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Business Dedicated Internet Access- DIA
Always On Business Internet Solutions.
A constant, reliable connection to the Internet.

Fast, Reliable, Ultra fast unlimited internet speeds up to 100Gbps

Our Dedicated Internet provides the most complete business class

Internet experience to help your business stay connected.

Norstar Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides a high-speed solution for businesses that require high-performing, fast, private, secure, and reliable data transmission. Our DIA service is expertly engineered to offer a wide variety of bandwidth increments, access methods and billing options that can be customized to meet your unique needs. Norstar’s DIA provides business-grade features and is backed by service level agreements (SLAs).

We deliver data solutions for any size business across US and Canada. From Ethernet to high-capacity private lines, we provide scalable data and Internet services built on a secure and redundant national network. Our fast, resilient Internet services help you securely deliver the capabilities your business demands. We can supply a variety of internet speeds to accommodate any requirements you might have from video conferencing, large file transfers or general internet usage, we can satisfy your needs.

Reliable business grade Internet access is essential for today’s business. There are several different ways Internet access can be delivered to your business and each method has its own characteristics. Let us at Norstar help you choose the options that best suit the needs of your business.

Business Internet
Our DIA lines are dedicated exclusively to your business, guaranteeing a high level of service and no interruptions. Your internet speeds will not slow down during busy periods as there is no other traffic traveling through your connection.

Symmetrical Speeds

Enterprise-Grade SLAs

Continuous Monitoring

24/7 Support

Guaranteed uptime, redundancy and performance quality keeps your business running smoothly

Our internet solution features superior speed and performance with symmetric upload and download speeds, a dedicated connection, bursting capabilities and customized bandwidth options from 10 Mb to 100 Gbps depending on your location. We also include a customer-administered, web-based portal for service monitoring.

Whether you need dedicated Internet access for a single site or a private secure network spanning hundreds of locations, we can meet your needs. We have a broad portfolio of broadband and wide area network (WAN) solutions, from cable and DSL to SD-WAN, Ethernet and MPLS and even fixed wireless for primary and redundancy requirements. As your data network partner, we’ll optimize your infrastructure with the latest in fiber connectivity and deliver cutting-edge security to keep your systems protected from threats and disruptions.

Our Dedicated Internet Access is always available, and always fast. The only thing that might surprise you is Norstar’s high level of service. Our fast and fully redundant core network is second-to-none in reliability, continuously upgradeable and engineered for resilience and backed by our 24/7 network monitoring and customer support teams— it’s also protected by solid security solutions. Having a secure internet connection is a priority for many businesses, and your network will be much safer with a DIA because it is used by you alone. The line runs directly between you and our data center, so there is no interference. These measures make it easier to implement authentication protocols and security applications and with DIA you will get 100% performance all of the time.

Get the bandwidth and uptime you require in the high-speed connections of our blended IP network of diverse providers. And complete 4G-LTE backup for reliability so business goes on, even if the power goes out. Our team provides comprehensive and around-the-clock monitoring, management, and support services to keep your network access secure and reliable.

  • Powerful, flexible internet connections with enterprise-class service level agreements.

  • Highly dependable and redundant infrastructure, with 24-hour network monitoring and support.

  • Fast, flexible installation.

  • Transfer large amounts of data faster and over longer distances than Cable.

  • Manage costs, our pricing options let you pay only for the bandwidth and services you need.

  • Run automatic updates without interrupting your work.

  • Experience consistent, dependable data throughput with symmetrical speeds.

99.99% SLA
Built for Business

Our Internet services are grouped by the delivery technology used to connect them to the customers’ facility. Access can be accomplished by one of the following wire-line methods:

Access Types

  • Ethernet over Copper
  • Asymmetrical Ethernet over Copper
  • DS1 – 1.5 Mbps, Bonded 3.0 to 12 Mbps
  • DS3 (Full Port and Fractional)
  • Fast Ethernet
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Wavelength
  • Fixed Wireless

Multiple Access Options

Performance Quality

Superior Network Redundancy


  • Redundant, reliable IP network infrastructure to ensure availability and quality of service (QoS).
  • Business internet and data connectivity solutions
  • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) options with preconfigured settings, installed by Norstar and including ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing for managing multiple, high-speed DIA Internet connections.
  • Comprehensive DIA bandwidth utilization reports that enable you to monitor circuit capacity and react to changing needs.
  • 24/7 customer support and proactive network monitoring
  • 99.99% Service Level Guarantees (SLAs).
  • Reliable Internet connection with dependable uptimes, latencies and packet delivery
  • Faster page-loading and website response times
  • Private and secure connections to protect sensitive information
  • Cost-savings solutions
  • Stream video and transmit image files seamlessly
  • Hosting and content delivery
  • Fast and reliable Internet connectivity and communication
  • 100 percent fiber-optic transport
  • Flexible Bandwidth – Increase Speeds as Your Business Grows
  • Access ring protection and route diversity options
  • Multiple Tier 1 ISP upstream connections
  • Scalable connections ranging from 10 Mbps – 100 Gbps
  • Single-homed, dual-homed, and multi-homed connections
  • Improved operational and employee efficiency
  • Real-time product and service updates
  • Experience end-to-end management and procurement
  • Flexible and scalable internet connectivity at competitive rates
  • Symmetrical connectivity with dependable and constant data
  • Get the bandwidth and uptime you require in the high-speed connections of our blended IP network of diverse providers.
  • Optional Fully Managed Router
  • High quality performance
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • End-to-end management and control
  • Tailored connection solutions
  • Managed firewalls, DNS, domains names and web services.