Cloud Fax

We’ve made faxing easy and eco-friendly!

Norstar’s electronic Fax service delivers enterprise-grade faxing in the cloud, including both inbound and outbound faxing.

Norstar offers a unique faxing technology that securely receives and sends fax communications without the troublesome streaming methods of other carriers.

Online fax has never been so easy, cut your faxing costs and start saving

Electronic faxing requires no equipment or maintenance.

No need for a fax machine and no software to download.

Electronic Fax – to and from Email.

Encrypted – Reliable – Cost Effective – Manageable.

Eliminate the need for a dedicated phone line. Everything is done virtually from the web.

Cloud fax tracks every fax, incoming and outgoing, to its destination.

  • No Fax Machine
  • No Fax Line
  • No Printing/Paper
  • No Busy Signals
  • Secure Faxing
  • Send to Multiple Fax Numbers

Send and receive faxes from computers, smartphones and tablets with ease

The always-on Electronic Fax service gives you more flexibility to fax from anywhere, using a simple online portal.

E-Fax allows for multiple incoming faxes at one time.

Send and receive faxes through your email

Access from anywhere on any device

Unlimited inbound faxes

Prompt notifications for received and sent faxes

Affordable and efficient

UNLIMITED FAXING: Fax as much as you want for one low price.

Norstar’s electronic faxing solution provides you the ability to send and receive fax directly from your email and desktop to anywhere in the world. Paperless Fax eliminates the need for a fax machine, paper, or a wired phone line. Sending and receiving faxes is as easy as emailing an attachment. That’s right! Faxes can be sent or received wherever and whenever you can get email. Electronic Fax is another way your phone system can help you be even more productive. You will save on toner, paper and fax machine purchase and repair.

Virtual fax allows you to upload electronic documents to an online fax portal, which converts and securely sends the documents to the required fax number. Incoming faxes will be sent as electronic attachments to your selected email address. Users and admins alike can log in to a web portal to manage their faxing options on-the-fly.

No more lost faxes or misplaced orders. Norstar electronic Fax tracks every fax, incoming and outgoing, to its destination. You’ll know what was sent, when, and who received it. Norstar’s cloud fax service, enables users to send and receive faxes on any Internet-enabled desktop, laptop, Smartphone, or tablet device. So if you have access to your email, you have access to your faxing services. Your can rest assured knowing that you will never lose an important fax, because they are backed up, securely, in the cloud.

Norstar’s Fax solution provides huge cost savings and has a 99.999% percent success rate.

  • Eliminate the aggravation of traditional fax machines, paper jams and busy s signals.
  • Email from anywhere via our simple online portal.
  • Secure and Encrypted- All transmission and document transfers are encrypted, providing protection and peace of mind.
  • Store encrypted faxes online securely.
  • Always On, Never Busy.
  • Online dashboard lets you manage and review your E-Fax service through an easy-to-use web interface.
  • Fax archiving allows digital archiving of faxes for easy retrieval and storage
  • Receive Faxes Anywhere: Receive a fax anywhere as a PDF attachment or access it online.
  • View on All Devices: View faxes anywhere, using your computer, cell phone, or tablet.
  • No Hardware Needed: No hardware is needed.
  • Security: Enjoy peace of mind with secure transmission of faxes through an encrypted connection.
  • Right Recipient: Know the right recipient received your fax.
  • Availability: Always on No busy signals.

Access faxes anywhere sent to your email as a PDF. Store, print, reroute or forward on the go.

Other Benefits

Always ON Unlimited FAXING

  • Receive all faxes through email
  • Keep your Current number or choose toll-free or local numbers
  • Available anytime: Easily reference old sent and received faxes at any time in the online portal
  • Respond to faxes from customers or vendors in seconds.
  • Fax as much as you want for one low price.

  • Convenience: Add all the benefits of email to your faxes – view, print, forward, and import attached faxes into other applications.
  • Privacy: Unintended recipients cannot view fax content if it’s in your email instead of in a pile of papers.
  • Fax on the go: Faxes can be retrieved on the go, wherever and whenever. If you have access to your email, you have access to faxes either from a computer or a cell phone.
  • Control costs: Eliminate costly fax machines, servers and software. Drastically reduce ink and paper usage. Access reports with details of fax activity.
# Choose a local or Toll Free Fax Number

  • Fax By Email Send and receive by email from anywhere
  • Archive and save sent and received Faxes online.
  • Save with Low fixed monthly rates.
  • Send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously.
  • No additional telephone line is required for faxing.
  • View faxes that you have received and sent and see detailed electronic fax logs via your online account.

Fax By Email

Faxes are sent and received by email foc quick, reliable, private access.

Cost Effective

Requires no additional cost and has minimal impact on resources.

Cloud Reliability

Boasts high uptime and continuous data center monitoring

Incredibly Secure

Maintain complaince standards when sharing documents externally.

Cut your faxing costs and start saving.

Eliminate the cost of hardware, paper, ink, and phones lines.

Greater Document Visibility

No more lost faxes or misplaced orders. Norstar paperless Fax tracks every fax, incoming and outgoing, to its destination. You’ll know what was sent, when, and who received it.

Total Document Access

Paperless Fax builds a comprehensive, searchable fax archive, giving you secure access to any fax, in any form, from your web browser.

Optional Fax Machine Support

Using a Fax Adapter, you can use your current fax machine to send paper fax messages.

Fax User Guides

  • Fax Admin User Guide
  • Fax Web Client Guide
  • Fax Cover Sheet Editor