Contact Center

Enhance Customer Interaction.

Simple Scalable Secure

Increase operational efficeiency and reduce costs

The absolute latest in contact center optimization and utilization

  • No expensive equipment to buy
  • Set up hunt-groups online through admin portal
  • Real time statistics and agent reports
  • Give your supervisors full visibility into agents’ performance with robust reporting tools
  • Supports multi location call-centers
  • Manage your agents, configure your ACD
  • Integration with CRM or databases
  • Work seamlessly across multiple locations, and even incorporate remote workers
  • High quality multi-channel customer experience
  • Improve business performance with predictive analytics
  • Empower your agents with Instant Messaging and Presence
Norstar’s Cloud Contact Center solutions provide more functionality than traditional hardware-based systems, often at a fraction of the cost. With a “pay-as-you-grow” solution model, businesses can forego expensive investments in on-premises hardware and in-house management. With advanced routing options, Contact Center Systems take all of the guesswork out of handling calls, allowing your contact center agents to deliver superior customer service, in record time. Coupled with advanced call-center and agent reporting, you can track the success and productivity of each of your agents, individually. Norstar’s unified omnichannel contact center enables agents to collaborate with everybody in the organization using the device(s) of their choice. Norstar’s Contact center solutions are incredibly scalable. We make it as easy as possible to add new users so a contact center can continue to grow unimpeded. Norstar Contact Center solutions support a broad range of businesses with intelligent queues, coaching tools, real-time reporting, and more. Our Contact Center software allows you to easily add and remove chairs as your needs change. With ACD, call queuing, alternate routing, and queue monitoring, you can stay prepared for changing call volumes.

Norstar’s Contact Center solution provides a comprehensive set of in-depth, real-time and historical data on agent and queue activity, utilization and performance. Your contact center’s efficiency is the foundation to your customer service agents performance. Manage and leverage quantitative data with our reporting and analytics services. Gain valuable insight to fine tune your customer interactions to attract and retain customers. Norstar’s Contact Center features give contact center managers the power to turn raw contact center data into usable information that helps propel a business forward. Allow your agents and customers to interact over multiple channels (calls, email, text/SMS, web chat, web call back, social) and deliver a consistent customer experience across all communication channels.

An effective contact center means more sales, more satisfied customers, and more profit. To get the most out of your contact center, you need a cost-effective solution that’s sized for your business. Norstar can improve your contact center and save you money with a move to our robust yet simple cloud platform. Norstar Contact Center solutions integrate inbound and outbound voice with chat, web collaboration, video and e-mail, enabling agents to support multiple, unique and individualized interactions simultaneously.

Call Support
Hosting a contact center with Norstar eliminates the possibility of your on-site contact center servers failing because the contact center would be hosted in multiple geographically redundant secure data centers.

Reporting, Monitoring & Call Recording.

Our Hosted Contact Center supports the reporting needs of any team size, adding to the power of our Cloud Contact center solution. Reports range from a basic agent and queue performance statistics to advanced on-demand reports and real-time monitoring of Contact Center Agents and Queues using the desktop clients.

Fully record all of your inbound and outbound communications on a per extensions basis. We can design the solution to allow you to manually record from your phone or desktop.

With Norstar cloud contact center there are no limits to the number of calls recorded and no limit on the length of each call. Communicate better, train employees, and operate more securely, by enabling automatic call recording throughout your business. Recorded calls are easily managed, catalogued, and retrieved, and can be played back from archives without the need for additional hardware or software.

Omni-Channel Contact Center

Omni-Channel Contact Center

Voice, web, email, chat and social channels in a unified environment that improves agent productivity and the customer experience.

Contact Center for Salesforce

A unified environment to run all contact center operations within Salesforce to improve agent, manager and administrator productivity and performance.

Call Recording

Improve your call center management, customer service, and training with inbound and outbound call recording.

Imagine being able to know instantly when customers have been waiting in a call queue for more than a minute and be able to instantly pull a customer out or add agents to reduce customer wait time. Know instantly when a support technician has been on the phone for more than 15 minutes. With our real-time business analytics, your business can be optimized for peak performance in real-time. A well designed and implemented integrated contact center automates the delivery of contacts, in a variety of forms, to the appropriate resource within your organization.

With contact center capabilities and Norstar’s UC Cloud Voice, you can improve customer engagement and interaction across multiple communication channels – voice, email, web chat, fax and social. Besides improving customer satisfaction, our Contact Center solution can increase employee productivity and offer you savings.

Providing an optimal customer service experience requires capabilities, such as intelligent routing, detailed reporting and diverse communication mediums to meet diverse end-user requirements. And Norstar’s contact center services provide you with these features and much more. it provides a broad set of reports to help maximize the performance and efficiency of contact centers.

Our solution allows you to make your move to automatic contact distribution easily and economically, by creating a virtual contact center with agents working from any desk, in any office. Our cloud-based platform also lets you extend contact center services to other sites, virtual contact centers or home-based agents for greater operational flexibility.

Norstar provides on-demand, premium contact center voice origination and termination to contact centers, IVR and voice broadcasting providers with short duration needs, specifically those using predictive dialers, auto dialers, voice broadcasting or robocalls. Norstar’s high-performing switch and redundancy capabilities can handle exceptionally large amounts of concurrent calls without sacrificing quality. And unlike many other service providers, we actually complete our calls. Norstar Cloud Contact center incorporates a complete suite of Cisco-based cloud communications and collaboration solutions as well as CRM integration, workforce management, real-time monitoring and reporting features.

You need a contact center platform that you can be certain will perform. Norstar’s Cloud Contact Center solution is powered by Cisco and embedded in the Norstar software-defined network that delivers unparalleled performance.

Data Analysis

Access powerful business analytics

Identify trends, analyze activity and get more out of your Contact center phone system with call data analysis.

Gain insights that optimize business performance using powerful data visualization on intuitive dashboards. See real-time analytics to better resource plan your agents and fine tune your system for optimal performance.

  • Our network traffic analysis and monitoring services provide unparalleled insight into network performance and usage.
  • Real-time analytics, turn your calls into insight.
  • Real-time call tracking with custom reports & dashboards.
  • Identify business trends by analyzing call logs.
  • Generate flexible, real-time, and historical reports with ease.
Network Traffic Analysis

Agent Quality Assurance

CRM Integrations

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

Dynamic Notifications

Powerful customer tools built for your business

  • Sales, Customer Service, Telemarketing, Inbound, Outbound, Blended, and Omni-Channel contact centers.
  • The agents have visibility of the call queue and how many customers are in the queue allowing agents to respond to important customers and calls easily in times of peak demand.
  • Calls can be simply escalated to a supervisor or team lead directly from within the communicator client software.
  • The supervisor functionality allows instant visibility of the calls and agents and allows assigning of agents to calls and real time monitoring of call queues. A supervisor can silently monitor a call or barge in on the call as required.
  • Agents can take calls from home, a satellite office or from mobile handsets with our Hosted Phone Systems.
  • Easily integrate with many of the leading CRM solutions for optimal data alignment, Salesforce, Zendesk and Dynamics are just a few.
  • Transform your contact center into a strategic business asset through an omni-channel cloud-based solution using predictive analytics to improve your customers’ experience and lower costs.
  • With a contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution, you can provide your customers with immersive conversational features like video, social media, instant messaging, and more.
  • Our ACD feature set includes hunt groups, call queuing, and no-answer treatments coupled with Auto Attendants that route callers properly.
  • Time to take customer experience, agent productivity and revenue generation to the next level.
  • Give supervisors the tools to monitor, whisper and barge.
  • Integrate anything that agents and supervisors need in a single user interface