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Get advanced communications technology for health care providers, including medical office phone systems and internet.

  • No equipment to buy, manage or maintain. Norstar will provide all equipment and services as part of your low monthly service cost.
  • Scale up or down according to your needs.
  • When leaving the desk, make and receive calls through your mobile device. 
  • End-to-end security measures ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.
  • Built-in features like auto-attendant, call recording, and call transfer to boost productivity.
  • Real-time presence tells if a doctor or colleague is available.
  • Seamlessly integrated with other applications and systems like CRM, Outlook, Etc.
  • Industry-standard encryption and security mechanisms ensure privacy and system security.
  • Automatic upgrades for UCaaS and SD-WAN technology at no additional cost.

Your healthcare practice depends on networked applications that connect remote users (hospitals, physicians, clinics) to centralized or hosted resources. Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), web-based clinical health records, ePrescriptions, inter-site communication, and online medical registries are all critically dependent on network and application performance. Any slowing in bandwidth or increase in latency can make these applications unusable or inaccessible, potentially compromising patient care. Norstar has experience assisting medical companies with all their communications needs. You can depend on Norstar to provide an utterly reliable, scalable, and robust data solution that delivers connectivity backed up by redundant systems. We can vastly improve the security of your facility and your critical data. All of which adds up to a better environment for your patients.

We understand the record-heavy health care industry often has compliance standards to keep up with on ever-decreasing budgets. HIPAA mandates that medical information remain secure and private. One of the many challenges is not only updating your solutions but making sure that your company is set for the future as well. Our certified engineers understand the multifaceted compliance needs for HIPAA/EMR data and our proactive monitoring and management tools are built to provide the highest level of security and data protection. Integrating a Managed Services solution into your healthcare organization improves medical care, heightens efficiency, and increases patient satisfaction.

The healthcare industry is on the forefront of a revolution where telecommunications technologies can and will play a critical role. Technology is rapidly being deployed in all aspects of healthcare. It is no longer viewed as just a necessity but also a way to deliver quality health care. Norstar provides the information technology and management system necessary to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, safety, and quality of patient care.

Health care providers (HCPs) depend on Norstar to help them stay connected to other medical professionals and patients. Norstar offers advanced telecommunications and data solutions that can help lower costs, improve processes, and expand connectivity. The Norstar Healthcare Network (NHN) is a private, exclusive, fiber-optic network built to connect key healthcare facilities to the Internet, and to each other. It serves as a common platform for the secure and rapid exchange of information between healthcare applications, providers, and institutions.

We also provide secure medical office phone systems and much more. Norstar services are designed to meet the privacy and security requirements for Protected Health Information (PHI). Our policies, procedures, technologies and services are conformed with HIPAA privacy and security requirements.

We implement and manage electronic medical records, automate administrative and clinical processes and maintain and support health IT systems that allow effective and efficient patient support. This includes maintaining and operating telemedicine systems and implementing private, cloud-based storage of health records and patient information.

Managed Network Security

We live in a new world where hackers and cybercriminals can effectively derail an entire organization. Ensuring security for your organization and your patients is of critical importance. Our comprehensive security solutions allow you to achieve that safety. Firewalls, intrusion prevention/detection, encrypted communication, and virtual private networks are all tools which we don’t hesitate to use and recommend for your complete security. However, no matter how effective a tool may be, it must be handled correctly. This is where our expertise really comes into play. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team, that is ready to act at the shortest notice in order to keep the data flow flowing. We believe in fast response, competence and accountability and we don’t hesitate to assume these roles.


An SD-WAN solution provides the most flexible, reliable, and cost-effective basis for supporting applications and remote locations. Latency, packet loss, and jitter are measured for each circuit, which allows traffic to be redirected as needed to reduce congestion and ensure top-notch performance for critical applications. SD-WAN offers reliable connections and application performance. It does this by providing redundant failover to the best available circuit.

Norstar’s VMware SD-Wan enables healthcare IT departments to improve existing infrastructure to deliver secure, uninterrupted connectivity across expanded networks from cloud to data centers, to remote medical facilities and home-based telehealth locations. Healthcare providers can confidentially and securely send medical files and take payments, conduct telehealth appointments and increase performance and connectivity in remote sites. Norstar’s managed SD-WAN solution will also include 24/7 monitoring of all WAN traffic to control load balancing to meet your specific needs.

Improve practice efficacy and patient experience with tools that enable:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Health Education
  • Video Consultation

Healthcare Solutions Include:

  • CIO Services
  • Network & Security Assessments
  • Network Design & Engineering
  • Managed IT Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Building to Building Connectivity
  • Wireless Connectivity
Health Education

HIPAA Compliant Business Phone Solution

End-to-end security measures ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

Protecting PHI and ensuring HIPAA compliance places a premium on selecting the right cloud partner.

When lives are on the line, secure, high quality communications tools can have a critical impact on achieving better patient outcomes. Norstar provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for your business communications. Simple, worry-free business communications.

No equipment to buy, manage or maintain. Norstar will provide all equipment and services as part of your low monthly service cost. Scale up or down according to your needs. Leave the management and maintenance to us. Enable doctors, technicians and staff to collaborate instantly among themselves and with patients via secure chat, text, screen sharing, and audio and video conferencing. With Norstar Unified communications, your staff can easily find all files, calls, messages, and colleagues in one place, keeping your staff focused on what matters.

Provide remote consultations and share x-rays from desktop, tablet and smartphone devices with Unified Communications and enjoy Features, such as virtual receptionists, flexible call routing options and call recording among many others. Norstar Desktop is a powerful collaboration tool that combines all of your business communications in to a simple and easy to use application. Norstar Desktop provides:

  • Internal Instant Messaging
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Integrated Softphone
  • Personal Presence
  • Unified Communications
  • Call Control
  • Video calling
  • Speech-to-Text Voicemail

Everything your teams need to stay connected.


Message, video, SMS, chat, phone (with more than 50 features) in ONE, so your team can do their best work from anywhere.

Norstar’s cloud-based communications deliver safe, secure and efficient telehealth services.