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We work closely with you to define and design the best
solution for your needs.

Norstar works with schools and school districts to support next generation technologies, allowing the schools to focus on education instead of telecommunication services. For more than 23 years, Norstar has been a leading provider of E-rate funded telecommunication services to K-12 schools. We understand your needs and we have the experience to provide you with best telecommunication technologies in the market place suitable to your needs and budget. From K-12 through to post-secondary, today’s schools are under relentless and unprecedented pressure to deliver enhanced support to students, staff and parents, while they constantly find smart, strategic and sustainable ways to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and drive growth. In light of these critical challenges, it is not surprising that a growing number of public, private and charter schools are switching from a conventional landline phone system, to an advanced hosted VoIP system.

We understand schools and libraries need access to advanced technology and digital tools for learning. Being an education partner, we understand the need for high-speed networks and high-quality content to prepare all students and patrons for success in a global economy. Our team of experienced educators and technicians is dedicated to delivering a wide array of services and technical support that meet the unique needs of each classroom and library.

More K–12 customers trust Norstar with their voice communications than any other hosted provider on the market today. Norstar specializes in delivering simple, cost-effective communications solutions customized for schools like yours.

Technology continues to drive the bandwidth requirements for K12 through Higher Education. New and innovative teaching  methods are allowing students to experience the world through the classroom. Norstar is committed to delivering high bandwidth services to the schools in our markets with %99.99 reliability and superb support. Also, with Norstar’s Conferencing, you can connect up to 200 participants in video meetings with screen sharing.


Whether you're managing an elementary or secondary schools, Norstar Internet, voice, data, and cloud services can be tailored to fit your exact needs and budget. Because of our vast experience in working with educational institutions, we're quite familiar with the E-Rate process. So we can help you put together a solution that's both comprehensive and affordable.

As an E-Rate service provider with experience supporting educational institutions throughout the United States, Norstar’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solution can provide the fiber-based, high-speed bandwidth your educators, administrators and students need, all backed by stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Schools across the nation rely on Norstar for connectivity that powers distance learning, e-learning, and virtual classes. From single schools to entire districts, we’ve helped educational institutions unify voice services, connect to vital cloud applications and enable critical communication, all while providing ample bandwidth to students and staff. We are an experienced E-Rate partner, and we’re ready to help guide you through the process.

Allocating the resources within school budgets requires a careful balancing of prudent resource management against optimizing student success. Fortunately, like a business, a school district can benefit when it follows tried-and-true budget management strategies to manage its money, such as cutting costs and improving productivity. Investment in unified communications as a service (UCaaS) offers every school district the opportunity to achieve both of those business goals.

The time is now for your school district, library or local government office to upgrade their legacy phone systems to the Cloud. Norstar can help you make the switch to VoIP Phone Service that will elevate your school’s overall productivity, while increasing functionality and mobility, allowing remote workers and multiple offices to stay connected all in one phone system. We offer the most cost efficient and reliable Enterprise Class Phone Service in the industry. Norstar is a leading provider of Hosted Telecommunications to K-12 schools in the United States and Canada. Our Government/Education team is dedicated to public sector VoIP and stacked with industry experience. We’re adding team members and accounts every month. Our specialist can answer your specific questions to the best way to move your communications to the cloud and save money every month. Norstar offers enterprise-class reliability so you can be sure that key personnel can be reached immediately, and that your phone systems will never go down, even in natural disasters.

Maintain school communications even during an outage.


We Ensure Redundancy and High Availability

For K-12 Schools Norstar provides Category 1 E-Rate eligible hosted telecommunications to the education. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Connect to Every Classroom
  • Custom Prompts
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • System-Wide Paging
  • Faster services, better connectivity
  • e-learning and distance-education initiatives
  • Secured communication
  • Connect schools and resources for best utilization
  • Virtual Fax to email Increased efficiency
  • Centralized Management Host faculty meetings across multiple campuses easily
  • Multi-Site Compatibility Lower monthly costs
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Support professional development of teachers for mobile learning
  • Eliminate fees for long-distance calling, voicemail and other advanced calling features
  • Easily communicate with faculty, staff, parents and students via low-cost voice, web SMS and more
  • Deploy gradually or quickly and scale users or features up or down as needed
  • Increased efficiencyHost faculty meetings across multiple campuses easily
  • Lower monthly costs

Invest in the technology your students and staff deserve.  Get the most reliable and economical cloud solution for your organization by contacting our Government/Schools specialist. Our comprehensive service comes with complete setup and maintenance, not to mention free moves, adds, and changes. Administrators can manage the system from any computer with our web-based portal.

Receive discounts of 20% to 70% with government E-rate program.


To better educate your students, Norstar can offer your school or library a variety of services that are eligible for the federal government’s E-rate discount. This program offers substantial discounts (from 20% to 80%) on many of the internet and telecommunications services provided by Norstar.
Learn more about the E-Rate program.


Specific solution for education:

We integrate smart classroom technology so you can arm your students with 21st century skills.


  • WIFI for secure network and Internet access anywhere on campus
  • IP-based video solutions to connect remote students with on-campus resources
  • Pro audio and video projection systems to enhance learning environments