Local Phone Numbers (DIDs)

Local, and Toll Free Numbers in

80+ Countries

4,000+ Cities

Expand Your Presence Worldwide

  • A local number can provide a local presence in any target city.
  • Many clients use local numbers in geographical targeted advertising.
  • We provide numbers for all major cities.
Norstar offers one of the largest DID local phone number footprints in North America. Our DIDs are available in most primary and secondary USA & Canadian markets and also in over 80 countries Internationally. Give everyone the ease and convenience of a local number in their own area in order to call you. Norstar’s DID service gives your business domestic and international local phone numbers from most cities in the world.

With Local Phone Numbers, also called Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers. Your business can establish a virtual presence in multiple locations while receiving the calls in one centralized office. A virtual number isn’t connected to a specific telephone line; instead, it forwards calls to an existing line, whether it’s a traditional phone or VoIP system. They work equally well for traveling sales professionals, who can have the number linked to both their office and cell phones, or for a call center where incoming calls get linked to the next available employee.

Local Inbound numbers (DIDs) are ideal for businesses with geographically diverse branch offices. It offers customers a local number to call so they can reach you no matter where the call is being fielded and gives your business a local presence. Get your local number anywhere in the world. DIDs offer a cost-effective way to extend your marketing presence beyond your native area code. Either you are an individual or a company and want to setup your own Virtual office anywhere in the world, then the number is always with you. Your business can benefit from unlimited incoming calls from around the world. You will get the benefits of the services like Call waiting, call conferencing and call transfer and call recording facilities FREE along with our DID numbers.

Norstar provides (DIDs) Local phone numbers from around the world. You can forward your number on PSTN, google talk, MSN messenger, asterisk, IP PBX SIP and others.

Customers feel a sense of ease when they see a local phone number they can call for support. They also know that they’re supporting a business that has an impact on their local community, not one that exists half a world away.

It is easy to set up just choose a number in your desired area code, add it to your service, and your number will instantly be up and running. You can add or remove virtual numbers as needed to meet your needs, and your dedicated Norstar team will provide you with the support you need.

Local phone numbers

Select local telephone numbers by area code in any location in US & Canada and across 80+ countries.
Now your customers, clients or family and friends in other counties can reach you in the U.S. with just a local call!
Receive calls as if you were in your home country. You will be assigned your own local number in your home country which, when dialed, will ring on a phone number you choose in the United States. MyCountry Number works with either your business, home or cell phone and enables you to receive UNLIMITED calls from your friends and family abroad. It’s as if you were still in your home country.

Create a phone presence in another country. Divert calls to any global landline, mobile or VoIP. You can select your Local Number in 80 Countries, for example – you can buy a private number in the USA, Germany, France, the UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia or any of more than 80 countries.

Your dedicated number is accessible to the callers inside your selected country at no cost to the caller. This call forwarding number will be a ‘country specific number’ for the country you select. Choosing your number is simple. Select your preferred area code, select a city and choose your number. That’s all.

  • Norstar has one of the largest DID (Local Phone Number) footprints on the North American continent.
  • Obtain local area codes nationwide.
  • No setup fees or minimum contracts.
  • Call forwarding to any location worldwide.
  • A Local Phone Number eliminates long-distance toll charges for anyone calling within that number’s area code. Virtual Phone Numbers are available for most area codes.
  • Your Virtual Number can be forwarded to your landline or mobile.
  • Get 24/7 local NOC support.

DID’s enable cost-effective ways to expand your marketing presence outside of your native area code.

Save money on remote call forwarding with a Norstar DID. Norstar’s SIP technology allows your business to advertise a local phone number in any market across the country while avoiding exorbitant remote call forwarding charges.

Unbeatable Rates

Starting as low as $0.50 per month per DID US & $0.75 Canada.

Unlimited Incoming Calls

Your business can benefit from unlimited incoming calls from around the world.

Local Presence

Give your business an affordable presence.

Global Coverage

With access to over 20,000 rate centers in North America and DIDs in 80 countries, you’ll never have to worry about finding the right digits for your customers.

Pick an Area Code

Decide on a region and find an available local phone number from our huge inventory.


$0.50 each for standard DIDs – Contact us for bulk and advanced pricing
Instant Provisioning
We offer Local and Toll Free virtual numbers globally. (44208xxxxxxx or 1-800-xxx-xxxx)

Phone Numbers

Product Basic Enhanced Porting
US Local Numbers US48 / Hawaii / Alaska $0.50/month $1.00/month Free
US Toll Free Numbers $1.00/month $2.00/month Free
Canada Local Numbers $0.75/month $1.00/month $5.00/number

Virtual phone numbers

For example you could be located in the USA but have an office in London/England or simply have callers located in London. You can buy a London virtual phone number. The callers located anywhere inside London/England can then call your London number at no cost to them and reach you at any worldwide phone number you choose.

Quickly and cost-effectively provide a local presence in most any U.S market and over fifty International countries and territories.