Managed WiFi

Reliable, Secure, Easily Managed Wi-Fi

Enhance your internet connection with wireless service from Norstar

Using Managed WiFi, your business can gather insightful customer data to understand and influence behavior.

Analyze key metrics by location, like return visits and high and low foot traffic times.

Easily deploy a private wireless network for your employees and a public wireless network for guests.

Maintain reliable security and simplify your processes with managed Wi-Fi services from Norstar. Provide private wireless access for employees and a secure, public Wi-Fi network for guests in one fully managed, end-to-end solution. Managed Wi-Fi provides a complete, end-to-end Wi-Fi service that frees you from the burden and cost of setting up and managing a wireless network, liberating you to focus on key priorities.

Norstar designs, configures, installs, monitors and manages carrier-grade Wi-Fi networks that deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Norstar offers a robust portfolio of Managed Wi-Fi solutions, offering flexible deployment options with unmatched scalability and performance.

Managed Wi-Fi is a scalable, end-to-end wireless networking solution that helps businesses provide seamless Wi-Fi Internet access virtually anywhere across the enterprise with comprehensive management tools that help manage and maximize wireless access. Retailers are stepping up their game by offering customers free Wi-Fi accompanied by a customized mobile app that serves up frequent deals, rewards loyalty, and encourages spontaneous business. Gain insightful data to help understand foot traffic and other presence-based user behavior to build customer loyalty.

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi fits all types of Wireless LAN (WLAN) needs, whether for a small site or branch, a large facility or campus, or a distributed multi-site business.

Keep connections secure and always on

Norstar Managed Wi-Fi offers your customers and guests the fast, open Wi-Fi access they expect along with the private wireless access you and your employees need to run your business securely and efficiently. Our secure, fully managed solution includes 24/7 monitoring, custom installation, and the latest hardware — all with no upfront costs. Get closer to your customers with secure Wi-Fi at all locations. Norstar offers fully managed platforms enabled by industry-leading technologies, with security and location analytics options available.

Utilizing Wi-Fi analytics to provide your customer with a better user experience or monetize your Wi-Fi service with push notifications and valuable coupons. With wireless network services you can expect to streamline each customers transaction as well as increase your customer loyalty and patronage. Did you know that data collection and data pushing applications – bundled with analytics – can help keep you better informed on both business trends and customer habits.

Offering in-store Wi-Fi at your retail or branch locations isn’t just a convenience; it’s smart business. To enable your employees and provide an important service to your guests, patrons, and partners, you need an expert team to evaluate your needs across the network layers for technology, security, and capacity in order to provide a reliable, cost-effective wireless network solution from the start. Companies need to deploy multiple levels of service for different users as well as keep user and operations traffic separate. We transform your network into a secure, wireless center that’s easy to manage and navigate. You and your employees gain access to your network through secure, managed wireless access points. Get the benefits of a wireless data network with hassle-free installation, management and 99% uptime. Norstar engineers consider your specific preferences, priorities, and requirements in designing an optimal solution for you.

Reliable, consistent, secure, and fast connections to your network with the enterprise features you want and have come to expect.

  • Offer free Wi-Fi to promote your brand, increase customer loyalty, and empower employees.
  • We can provide bespoke Wi-Fi solutions with enterprise – standard network security for reliability and peace of mind.
  • Increased signal strength.
  • Larger coverage areas.
  • Exceptional Wi-Fi coverage: Enterprise-grade equipment covers your entire place of business.
  • Managed Wi-Fi solution with robust features and analytics.
  • Gain deep visibility and business intelligence with our secure Wifi analytics.
Connect Your Business, Nationwide.

Managing secure private Wi-Fi networks helps improve the customer experience.

Help promote your business by building a custom splash page that customers see when they connect to the network.

We custom design and install a Wi-Fi system that delivers the capacity you need, everywhere it counts. Our secure, fully managed solution includes 24/7 monitoring, custom installation, and the latest hardware all with no upfront costs.

Norstar managed Wi-Fi service offers built-in security and accommodates over 100 users per access point. Plus, it grows with your business, from a single access point to a large network with thousands of access points.

Norstar Managed Wi-Fi frees your IT staff to work on more strategic initiatives, leaving the tasks related to setting up, monitoring and managing your Wi-Fi network to Norstar engineers and support personnel.

  • Outsource the wireless network design, configuration, installation, monitoring, and support.
  • We provide fully managed business-class Wi-Fi service, decreasing the risk of downtime and disruption to your workflow.
  • Exceptional Wi-Fi coverage – Enterprise-grade equipment covers your entire place of business.
  • Gather insightful data to help understand foot traffic and other user behavior.
  • Customize your Wi-Fi experience for the business and customers.
  • The service includes built-in security and handles over 100 users per access point.
  • Empower employees to access business applications and move about freely to serve customers using Wi-Fi-enabled devices.
  • Separate networks for workers, guests, and customers.
  • Promote your brand by customizing your captive portals.
  • Give mobile users the ability to connect to cloud applications.
  • Custom Onboarding Reference Guide. Customized with your logo, network information and device connection instructions.
  • Easily create a private wireless network for your employees and a public wireless network for guests.
  • Customize your Wi-Fi experience for the business and customers.
  • Access a dashboard for summary reports.
  • Affordable, scalable guest internet access independent from your main network.
  • Three to four times the range.
  • Robust security.
  • Up-to-the-minute technology.
  • Customizable reporting and analytics dashboard.
  • Built-in high availability.
  • Elastic scalability – scale up or down on-demand.
  • Reliable Wi-Fi access that works in high density environment.
  • We can help you ensure that only authorized users are connecting to your business Wi-Fi and important company data.
  • Generate traffic with targeted offers over mobile.
  • Receive software updates through the cloud.
  • Password Protection by way of login for Multiple Guest and Private SSIDs.
  • Better range, stronger signal, and higher data throughput.
  • Seamless firmware and software updates.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and maintenance support.
  • Complete visibility into endpoint connectivity.
  • Simple Set Up – Set up your Wi-Fi in minutes without the need for onsite IT expertise, then manage from virtually anywhere.
  • Reliability – Proactive, preemptive monitoring assures minimal downtime due to outages. 24x7x365 technical support.
  • Management – No need for having to employ and monitor on-premise in-house support for the constant maintenance of the wireless networks.

Let Norstar’s professionals manage your network, keeping employees, guests, POS devices and phones on separate networks to maximize Wi-Fi network performance and minimize conflict.

Get a secure and powerful wireless network.

  • Turn your business into a Wi-Fi hotspot: And you’ll bring more customers through your doors by helping them stay connected to what matters most.
  • Private network access for employees with simple to manage security.
  • Our cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution provides enterprise-grade security, visibility and control.

Faster, Stronger and More Secure

Private Wifi

Restrict access to unatuthorised users. Set up password protected WiFi for your employees with your own network name and security levels.

Guest WiFi

Set up a seperate, secure Wi-Fi network for customers and guests. Customize the network splash page with your logo and usage information.

Fully managed and secure

Partner with Norstar networking experts that design, configure, install, monitor, and manage your secure wireless network. We monitor and manage all of your devices 24/7/365 from our experienced Network Operations Center (NOC) mitigating the need to dedicate extra resources to ongoing Wi-Fi operations. We allow you to focus on running your business with the peace of mind that your employees will always remain connected.

Simple Set up

Set up your Wi-Fi in minutes without the need for onsite IT expertise, then manage from virtually anywhere.

When you work with our staff, you’ll be treated with the professionalism and respect that you deserve. No matter what your needs are from increased connectivity to unified messaging solutions we’ll connect your network to a secure cloud with high availability.

Better experience: Many customers now expect Wi-Fi access at retail, hospitality, and medical businesses. We can help you get your customers online and connecting with your brand.


Norstar Wi-Fi solution provides information of the devices connected via the dashboard and through use of API, which allows analyzing the behavior of users.

Protect your business from internet outages with an affordable wireless failover solution

Seamless access: Provide seamless Wi-Fi Internet access anywhere throughout your property.

Let our engineers help you design, configure and install a Wi-Fi solution that meets your growing business needs.

Secure Wi-Fi for business and customers