Manufacturers need to be connected across multiple locations to factory equipment, employees and supply chain partners. Maintaining efficient operations, driving innovation, requires access to the latest technologies. Effective data and communications networks accelerate decision-making, integrate systems and reduce costs through more efficient operations. Our line pooling and bursting features, as well as the fact that all calls between numbers on the same account are free, greatly reduce the cost of running multiple locations.

Success in Manufacturing is dependent on effective team communication. When you need to work interdepartmentally locally or with people at another site, challenges arise. Our unified communication’s collaboration solutions can make life much easier. Videoconferencing can make face to face meetings happen at the click of a button. Phone systems with twinning and follow me functionality can ensure you can be contacted, wherever you are. Our unified communication can also ensure you have seamless instant messaging – vital in loud environments. Our unified Communications and Collaboration solutions can revolutionize the way you operate.

We can seamlessly connect multiple plant/factory locations while providing centralized administration. Our fast and reliable network ensures critical supply chain data is available to the right systems at the right time. Let us handle your voice and data needs so your company can focus on doing what it does best.

From sourcing through distribution and sales, they must manage operating costs without sacrificing quality or service. And to meet these challenges, the flow of information within an organization is critical.

That’s why our Webcasting solutions for manufacturing companies empower users to communicate internally with crystal-clear audio, high-definition video and rich graphics. By our industry-leading conferencing services.

Our Cloud-based unified communications and contact center solutions alleviate the burden of managing multiple, disparate systems and enable our manufacturing customers to deliver consistent, high-quality customer service anywhere in the world with headquarters, distribution facilities, and factories located in different regions, states or even different countries.

It’s no wonder then that manufacturers are increasingly incorporating Norstar unified communications since it’s a fully integrated business phone solution that increases productivity while reducing operational costs and manufacturing delays. Our Webcasting solutions for manufacturing companies empower users to communicate internally with crystal-clear audio, high-definition video and graphics.

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  • Robust Call Routing
  • Mobile Ready
  • Enhanced Collaboration
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  • Security

Norstar Unified Communications

Get secure, reliable, flexible voice services the way you want them.

  • Advanced Fortune-500 features
  • Smartphone apps
  • Collaboration tools
  • Secure and compliant
  • Find-me, follow-me call forwarding
SIP Trunks

Norstar helps Manufacturing Businesses stay connected and efficient:

  • Cloud communications (with 50+ features) mean one phone number, always available service, and the ability to keep working over your remote device.
  • Your Norstar Unified Communications phone number works on your desk-phone, mobile phone, and tablet. No need to give out more than one number any more, or manage multiple voicemail boxes.
  • Office receptionists can manage and route incoming calls for a work group or the whole office. Or, your office can rely on an automated receptionist (auto attendant).
  • Calls transferred from the office receptionist will reach the intended party, anywhere, on their choice of device.
  • Voicemail is delivered to your email inbox. Listen to the audio recording or read through the transcribed text.
  • Norstar Hosted Exchange Email syncs with your mobile device, so you can respond to work messages wherever you are.
  • Hear your clients clearly with superior voice call quality. Everyday interactions with clients and business partners are made simpler with powerful Hosted Voice calling features.
  • Use reliable Norstar Business Internet and Managed Security to keep your offices and factories online, securely. Easily share property information and photos, or contracts between locations.
  • Get secure Hosted Email without the hassle of managing an on-site server. 50GB Inbox syncs with your device. Affordable monthly pricing and 100% uptime guarantee.
  • Predict costs with an affordable monthly fee per user.
  • Multi-office, flexible solutions are our forte. Scale service up or down as your needs change. And, connect all your locations securely with Managed Network, VPN, Firewall, and Security.
  • Bundle and save. Combine business solutions such as Phone, Unified Communications, Internet, and Cloud IT— for efficiency and cost savings, all available from Norstar.
  • Simultaneous ring: One feature lets your employees have calls ring to their desk and their mobile phone simultaneously, so they are always within reach of a calling customer. Best of all, clients only have to remember one phone number.
  • Call jump: This feature transfers the call seamlessly from your office to your mobile phone (and back) without the caller even noticing.
  • Voicemail with notification management: If employees happen to miss a call, they can receive an email transcription of any voice mails so they can more easily follow up with every caller.=
  • Norstar’s Contact Center application helps consolidate phone lines and centralize calls across multiple locations, reduce overall communications costs and create standard reports for your entire business.
  • Hold a video conference for staff or customers. Offer webinars for staff or customers. Share your screen and conduct an IM chat. Norstar One provides five real-time collaboration tools in one easy-to-use app, available for virtually any device.
  • Access voicemails in your Inbox, delivered as audio files and transcribed to text.
  • Our superior service means you can offer the same. We back our service with personalized account management for life; service uptime guarantees; and 24/7 support.
  • Work with suppliers and co-workers seamlessly with our unified communications and collaboration solutions.
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Norstar is dedicated to making your business voice easy to manage with reliable connectivity and priority options. Norstar has designed our entire solution to keep costs as low as possible.

Security Services

Preventing fraud is among the top challenges that Manufacturing industry continues to face. Norstar’s data security methods and security platforms will detect and mitigate threats in a timely manner. The security of your company data, as well as the security of your network, is sacrosanct. As a managed security services provider, we can help your organization Assess, Protect, Detect, and Respond to threats. We can provide risk mitigation analysis, as well as a complete security solution. Norstar works with our Manufacturing industry clients to deliver a truly secure network solution by integrating with our Firewall-as-a-Service solution. Firewall as a network security system acts as the first line of defense in protecting the users against inappropriate and harmful web content. Norstar’s Managed Firewall Services are designed to ensure network security by preventing malicious web traffic from accessing your resources. Firewalls, intrusion prevention/detection, encrypted communication, and virtual private networks are all tools which we don’t hesitate to use and recommend for your complete security. This enables your organization with DDoS protection, traffic filtering, Unified Threat Management (UTM) and much more.

  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed Detection and Response
  • Endpoint Security
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions