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Our IT Solutions are designed to reduce your costs, increase your revenue and mitigate your business risks through productivity and efficiency-enhancing benefits.
Comprehensive IT Support Plans For Your Business
  • Decrease administrative overhead
  • Mitigate risk of business disruption
  • Minimize unnecessary spending
Outside forces that threaten your data could be devastating if you don’t have a data backup plan in place. Consider what can affect your data
  • Natural disasters
  • Malware infections
  • Building maintenance
  • Human error
  • Hardware failure
  • Sabotage
Helping clients manage their technology for over 23 years.
Your business becomes more dependent on technology every day and ensuring your network is operating at full capacity can be a full-time endeavor. Successfully managing a business in the digital age requires keeping in step with the latest technology and also knowing how to use that technology to fit your company’s needs. Norstar empowers your business to be a top competitor in your industry by providing quality IT managed services. By partnering with Norstar for your Managed IT Services, you receive proactive, expert attention to your systems around the clock and ongoing monthly IT support and service for all your technology needs. No more internal management or maintenance of your critical IT systems.

Norstar provides customizable IT support and consulting plans designed to minimize risks, streamline operations, reduce stress, stabilize networks and secure your technology. So you can focus on business instead of technology hassles and distractions. Deploying technology involves more than moving data and upgrading software. In order to maximize your Cloud Return on Investment (ROI), technology needs to improve your business through increased productivity, enhanced efficiency and, ultimately, greater profits.

Norstar provides the first line of defense for your company’s data. The team at Norstar managed services group takes a pro-active approach in the monitoring, management, security and back up of your data. Norstar will show you how to transform your business using the latest technologies. As a dedicated business partner, we will help you translate the capabilities of our solutions into tangible process improvements for your company.

Our custom monitoring tools continuously monitors client’s IT network so that immediate and automated notification can be generated whenever a problem occurs. Our Managed Services solution enables businesses to concentrate on their competencies through enhanced productivity with their improved IT infrastructure. At Norstar we leverage technology to your advantage by monitoring and assessing equipment performance, troubleshooting issues, managing upgrades and installations, leveraging trends and much more to help you get the most from your technology investment. We will provide you with 24/7/365 of proactive, preventative and responsive Managed IT Services.

Your infrastructure includes the servers, desktops and network equipment that you depend on to run your business. Our goal is to eliminate any down time within your infrastructure. If something does stop working we usually know about it before you and have already begun the process to fix it before we call you. Regardless of your size, almost every organization outsources some part of their network management. With larger enterprises, this may be limited to select services such as monitoring solutions or service desk etc. and with smaller companies, outsourced network management may encompass everything.

Leverage our experienced specialists to maximize your IT and grow your business.
We have a Network Operations Center (NOC) staffed with engineers that use a combination of automated and manual processes to keep track of the large amounts of monitored data that we receive. The NOC operates continuously 24×7. A NOC engineer calls when a critical component isn’t working, day or night.

Norstar’s Service Desk technicians understand your network infrastructure and can answer general questions that you might have. No more waiting days for a return call. Norstar provides a wide breadth of “as-a-service” offerings that allow you to reap the benefits of cloud solutions in any area of the IT stack, from Unified Communications and Collaboration to infrastructure to mobility.

At Norstar, we take the time to understand your business strategy and we work hard to design a customized IT solution that addresses your specific needs. Our custom solutions are designed to fit the specific needs of your business to maximize your IT business value. Norstar’s technical support team manages all technical issues and trouble tickets on a 24/7/365 basis, drives carrier escalations to reduce service-impacting outages, and provides ticket updates through the Manager portal.

The way you manage and maximize your IT infrastructure has become more complex due to unconstrained growth of technology. Today you need an always-on, resilient and proactive management of IT systems that address your specific business needs. Norstar’s Managed Services deliver just that.

Specialists to maximize your IT
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Our Complete IT Managed Services
System maintenance, updates, policy management, and basic security. Sleep better at night knowing you have world-class, proactive management of your environment.

Get cost-effective IT support from Norstar

Business Continuity & Security
Keep your business running smoothly. Norstar’s IT management delivers critical technology services and IT support to keep your network and mission-critical technology humming. Norstar managed IT services include spam-filtering, anti-virus, backup and disaster recovery, server monitoring, vCIO consulting and unlimited local help desk service.
  • Patch management
  • Monitoring / Alerting
  • Desktop optimization
  • Spam and content filtering
  • Data Backup and protection
  • Disaster recovery
Keep your systems running with full service managed IT services or a custom built IT plan.
  • Dedicated account managers and personal service
  • 24 / 7 / 365 help desk services
  • A team that knows your environment
  • Leverage technologies like cloud solutions and hybrid cloud
  • Keep your IT aligned with your business goals
  • Offer flexible, scalable and secure solutions
  • Use our knowledge pool to manage your IT
  • Quarterly business reviews and strategic planning with CIOs
  • Norstar Managed Network Services can save you the time and expense of training staff.
  • Reduced Costs & Help you control OPEX and CAPEX.
  • Provide insight into customer behavior to refine products, ramp up demand and deliver better experiences.
  • Tune up your network with better visibility into performance.
  • Deliver on strong service level agreements (SLAs).
  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Minimized Downtime
  • Predictable budgeting