• Deliver a unified customer experience across the store, web and contact center
  • Drastically cut costs and eliminate overlapping vendors
  • Handle agent routing and workload with intelligence
  • Speed up store deployments and update with ease
The retail industry is a complicated business that needs to work with a partner who understands its complexities. Norstar draws from a portfolio of reliable Voice, cloud, colocation, data protection, and network services to create end-to-end solutions to meet the needs of the technology-driven retail industry. That’s why so many retailers including online retailers count on Norstar to help solve their most complex challenges.

In this challenging economy, it is more important than ever to reduce your costs in every way possible. Norstar knows this and is here to provide you with networking communication solutions for you and your retail business at an affordable price, without compromising quality. We understand the specific set of challenges faced by the retail industry in managing telecommunication services across regions and carriers. Norstar successfully implements unique telecom solutions for the nation’s leading retailers. Our depth and scope of experience in the retail sector allows us to design the most appropriate telecom platforms for our clients.

Our basic solutions, such as Unified Communications and SIP trunking, reduce costs for telephone services and internet and telephone services by combining them at one reasonable price. Our safe and secure network can provide you the security you need for your phone service and credit card transactions at your retail business. Our line bursting feature makes it so no caller will ever hear a busy signal. Find Me – Follow Me automatically routes calls to cell phones, making it so regional managers, and employees on the sales floor never have to miss a call.

Our clients include prominent grocery chains, hardware and home improvement stores, fashion and beauty retailers, salons, convenience stores, and fast food restaurants nationwide, to name a few. The retail industry can be extremely complex, so it is important that a communications system does not make operations any more difficult. Norstar’s solutions are easy to use and easy to manage, leaving retailers more time to focus on selling. One Norstar feature that has proven especially popular among retailers is our cloud-based auto-attendants. Our auto-attendants are significantly easier and faster to change than most competitors.

Norstar has developed expertise providing network solutions to retail organizations; aligning voice, data, networking, and security with IT infrastructure and technology for comprehensive, robust, advanced retail technology solutions. We also provide a comprehensive suite of security services—including Managed Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, and Vulnerability Scanning. Norstar has decades of experience analyzing the customer journey and data points to build inbound and outbound communication solutions that cater to specific challenges while dramatically reducing the costs of service. Streamline operations with nationwide Internet, Managed Wi-Fi, managed network & security, and retail phone systems.

Built-in Messaging

Reach your customers anytime, from order status updates to stock checks, Norstar’s texting feature makes it easy to chat with customers from your work number.

Benefits Of Norstar For Retail

  • Enhanced Guest Experience
  • Comprehensive Communications Services
  • Safe and Secure
  • Increase Productivity
  • Scalable Connectivity
  • One Nationwide Provider
  • Reliable Service & Support
  • 24/7/365 US Based Support

Clear and Complete Communications

We design solutions that provide PCI-compliant security for credit card transactions and support for data communications for key retail applications.

Norstar’s one vendor, one invoice option gives you the ability to manage all accounts from one portal.

Clear and Complete Communications

Norstar’s business phone systems are packed with advanced features to handle high-volume calls efficiently, improve collaboration throughout the supply chain and ensure that your customers receive a fast, personalized response when they call. Norstar is so scalable that we can meet the needs of every large retail chain. Some of the largest retail chains in the United States currently depend on Norstar for all of their communications. One of the most popular Norstar features among large retailers is our ability to pool lines between locations, which has saved some companies hundreds of thousands a year. Other aspects of the Norstar system that have proven extremely beneficial to large retailers include the ability to have an entire national chain have a single communications bill and the fact that all calls between numbers on the same account are free.

Whether managing customer calls inside or outside of the store, enabling staff to engage customers through new modalities including mobile devices, IM and web communication, or providing automated services, the Norstar Retail Communications is a comprehensive communications solution for retailers. Norstar’s call routing capabilities provides customers with the ability to reach the right department quickly and easily, and supports preferred customer strategies by prioritizing and directing calls customized to the retailer’s needs to help drive service and sales.

  • Cloud communications mean one phone number, always available service, and the ability to keep working over your remote device
  • Your Norstar UC-One phone number works on your desk phone, mobile phone, and tablet. No need to give out more than one number any more, or manage multiple voicemail boxes
  • Office receptionists can manage and route incoming calls for a work group or the whole office. Or, your office can rely on an automated receptionist (auto attendant).
  • Calls transferred from the office receptionist will reach the intended person, anywhere, on their choice of device
  • Voicemail is delivered to your email inbox. Listen to the audio recording or read through the transcribed text
  • Real-time analytics Turn your calls into insight.
  • Retailers lead the way with generating value from advanced analytics. Our network traffic analysis and monitoring services provide unparalleled insight into network performance and usage.
  • Hear your callers clearly with superior voice call quality. Everyday interactions with customers, clients and business partners are made simpler with powerful Hosted Voice calling features.
  • Use reliable Norstar Business Internet and Managed Security to keep your stores and offices online, securely. Easily share property information and photos, or contracts between locations.
  • Give your developers APIs to build innovative communications like SMS order status notifications.
  • Get one invoice or separate invoices for each location. It’s really your call. With Norstar’s one vendor, one invoice option you will have the ability to manage all accounts from one Portal.
  • Connect Head Offices and Retail Stores, Cost-effectively. Dial-by-Extension Number with simplified 3-Digit Dialing.
  • Improved Customer Service – Instant SMS Confirmation of Order.
  • We will provide you with secure High-Speed Internet so you can optimize your credit card processing and inventory management systems. We design solutions that provide PCI-compliant security for credit card transactions and support for data communications for key retail applications—including point-of-sale, back-office systems, training, and digital video surveillance.
  • MPLS networking solutions securely connect remote locations to headquarters with real-time, distributed access to key inventory management, point-of-sale systems, supplier databases, and other centralized resources and applications.

Never go offline with Norstar’s hybrid SD-WAN/MPLS solution and 4G backup.

  • Advanced Fortune-500 features
  • Collaboration tools
  • Secure and compliant
  • Smartphone apps
  • Find-me, follow-me

VOICE – Cloud phone systems for retail office spaces.

HIPAA Compliant Business Phone Solution

Norstar provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for your business communications. Simple, worry-free business communications. You need retail phone systems that route customers quickly, and collaboration tools for staff training across locations.

No equipment to buy, manage or maintain. Norstar will provide all equipment and services as part of your low monthly service cost. Scale up or down according to your needs. Leave the management and maintenance to us. Norstar Desktop is a powerful collaboration tool that combines all of your business communications in to a simple and easy to use application. Norstar Desktop provides:

  • Internal Instant Messaging
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Calling
  • Call Control
  • Mobility App
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Integrated Softphone
  • Personal Presence
  • Music on hold
  • Auto attendant
  • Built-in business continuity
  • Speech-to-Text Voicemail
No equipment to buy, manage or maintain.
Norstar will provide all equipment and services as part of your low monthly service cost.
Modular and scalable.

Premium features include: Unlimited local and long distance, video calling, SMS texting, instant messaging, mobility, presence, Voicemail to Email, Hunt Groups, Auto Attendant and one-click conferencing plus many more features (50 Total) integrated into a single application.

  • Fully Managed Solutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Network Design & Engineering
  • Managed IT Services
  • Network & Security Assessments
  • Nationwide Connectivity
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Managed Security
  • Managed WiFi

Contact Center as a Service

Enhance your CRO with our powerful omnichannel support capabilities. Norstar’s flexible, integrated, omnichannel contact center platform provides advanced features such as intelligent call routing, media handling and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Contact center agents can respond to all customer requests through a single interface that is easy to use and navigate. Norstar’s contact center will be tailored for your organization with all of the features you need to support your staff, customers and guests. Our system also integrates with your customer relationship management (CRM) system to support a high level of personalization. From Web chat to social interactions to intelligent virtual agents, hotels using Norstar ensure the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Managed Wi-Fi

  • Using Managed WiFi, your business can gather insightful customer data to understand and influence behavior.
  • Analyze key metrics by location, like return visits and high and low foot traffic times.

Maintain reliable security and simplify your processes with managed Wi-Fi services from Norstar. Provide private wireless access for employees and a secure, public Wi-Fi network for guests in one fully managed, end-to-end solution. Managed Wi-Fi provides a complete, end-to-end Wi-Fi service that frees you from the burden and cost of setting up and managing a wireless network, liberating you to focus on key priorities. Our secure, fully managed solution includes 24/7 monitoring, custom installation, and the latest hardware — all with no upfront costs.

Managed Security

We live in a new world where hackers and cybercriminals can effectively derail an entire organization. With cyber threats expanding exponentially, you need a high-performance network security solution that protects your network, users and data from continually evolving threats. Preventing fraud is among the top challenges retailers continue to face. Norstar’s data security methods and security platforms will detect and mitigate threats in a timely manner.

Ensuring security for your organization and your employees is of critical importance. Our comprehensive security solutions allow you to achieve that safety. Firewalls, intrusion prevention/detection, encrypted communication, and virtual private networks are all tools which we don’t hesitate to use and recommend for your complete security. However, no matter how effective a tool may be, it must be handled correctly. This is where our expertise really comes into play. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team, that is ready to act at the shortest notice in order to keep the data flow flowing. We believe in fast response, competence and accountability and we don’t hesitate to assume these roles.

24/7/365 SUPPORT

24/7 troubleshooting and issue resolution with US based customer Support.


Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Cloud Communications delivered as a service limit upfront capital exposure. One single bill combines all voice, messaging and collaboration services over flexible, multi-purpose IP circuits and flat rate billing that bundles all usage. The service is managed in-house by Norstar, eliminating extra costs for system upgrades, dedicated data centers and storage, maintenance as well as resident experts to handle installation or support issues as they arise.