Enable any Norstar Provided Telephone Number to Send and Receive SMS Texts. Texting and talking on one number.

  • 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes
  • 97% of text messages are read, as compared to just 20% of emails
  • 65% of customers believe businesses should use texting to interact more often.
  • 76% Of consumers are already receiving text messages from businesses.
  • 90% of Americans prefer to communicate with businesses and brands via SMS.
  • The average millennial exchanges more than 90 text messages per day

Text messaging is the fastest growing communication channel, enabling companies to engage with their customers instantly and effectively on mobile devices.

Easily interact with your customers using Norstar SMS for inbound and outbound text automation.

As a leading SMS provider, Norstar offers a powerful SMS text marketing solution through an easy to operate online platform. Our business SMS services are ideal for organizations wishing to advertise aggressively through a price competitive marketing medium.

From distributing a marketing message to your potential clients to sharing emergency information with your employees, SMS is the gateway to faster and more reliable messaging for your organization.

Text messaging is the fastest growing communication channel in the world, enabling companies to engage with their customers instantly and effectively on mobile devices. Add SMS or MMS functionality to your service today. With Norstar SMS, you can send and receive messages to improve customer service, sales and promotions for your clients.

You can reach more people in less time while at the same time completely eliminating printing and postage expenses. SMS is an affordable and easy marketing tool.

Norstar SMS Services put the power of SMS communication at your fingertips. Communicating with employees, clients, customers, and partners has never been simpler.

From the simple management of message delivery to custom data programs that integrate with your own applications, our SMS platform will propel your corporate communications platform to the next level. The immediate response rate and high open rates to text messages make it an ideal tool for business communications.

SMS is ideal for important internal and external alerts, reaching hard to get customers, marketing special offers as well as sending important reminders.

This works well for a range of key objectives.

We can also enable IP-based SMS texting from direct inward dial (DID) telephone numbers.

Automate customer outreach by building forms and templates to use with one-time or scheduled texts.

Flexible – Powerful – Simple

  • Send and receive texts from your business phone number.
  • User Friendly – The SMS portal is easy to access and use.
  • Send messages from your business number and keep your personal number private.
  • Manage Texts From Your Desktop, Mobile Or Tablet.
  • Set-Up In Minutes. No Software, Hardware, Or Voice Network Changes Required.
  • We provide full geo-redundancy and fallback connectivity
  • Receive and reply to text messages from your business email account.
  • interact with your customers using Norstar SMS for inbound and outbound text automation.
  • Manage and monitor SMS performance with message history, stats, and more.
  • Norstar SMS connects you with your clients immediately via SMS and MMS messages.

Connect with Customers, Colleagues and Clients via Text and IM

Most business owners understand that Business SMS Text Messaging is a valuable tool that will enhance the customer engagement process. Enterprises today are harnessing the power of SMS Texting for employee communications, scheduling, advertising, in addition to customer service.

Implementing Business SMS and Business MMS allows you to enhance your communications channels, grow with the industry and provides a competitive advantage.

Add SMS or MMS functionality to your local or toll-free DIDs with Norstar.

  • Provide another channel of communication to interact with your business.
  • Provide real-time updates and receive instantaneous feedback via SMS messaging.
  • Send reminders to your customers.
  • Send notifications of new releases.
  • Update customers on changes to business info.
  • With our solution, your employees can send professional text messages to colleagues, clients and departments across smartphones, tablets and desktops from their business number. 
  • Fast and simple to use, our expert team can offer you all the support you need to get this text messaging service up and running for your business.

More than 90% of SMS are read within three minutes of delivery.

What better channel for business-critical updates.

Text is commonly used to quickly talk with co-workers, customers and friends.

Schedule and Manage Notifications:

Send notifications to groups within your contact database.

Schedule notifications based upon time and date and or other parameters.