Unified Communications

Communicate and Collaborate anytime, anyplace and from any device.

Enjoy Over 50 Calling Features, Including Voicemail Transcribed as Email.

Seamless Calling, Meeting, Chatting, And Content Sharing. Voice + Email + Messaging & Crm Integration

A Fully Integrated Unified Communication And Collaboration Platform.

Secure Communications / 99.999% Always on Reliability

Gain better value with a lot more features and the most advanced business collaboration tools.

With Norstar UC-one massive CAPEX expenses are eliminated, and maintenance contracts go away.

Instantly call, conference, chat, video or share screens with individuals or groups.

A powerful phone system with rich functionality

Integrate all your enterprise communication tools into one solution.
Simplify communications with clients and reduce costs by having all of your communications services unified into one complete solution. Unified Communications (UC) refers to any communications system or platform that integrates multiple communications technologies or applications within a single interface. Unified Communications gives your business the competitive advantage of managing all your communications (phone, fax, voice mail, video, email, chat, text, desk top sharing and instant messaging) and more into one platform that is accessible form any device and any location through one system at a low fixed monthly rate. Unified Communications platform also integrates your desk phone with your PC and mobile devices. Your offices can be seamlessly connected on a single Unified Communications system with our UCaaS service. Free site-to-site calling (with extension dialing between offices), instant messaging, file transfer, and desktop sharing features eliminate the expense of business travel and long-distance calling.

Ensure your clients and colleagues can reach you no matter where you go. You can seamlessly switch between mobile devices and your laptop or desktop. This means you can take a call as you’re heading back from outside the office and easily transition to your desk phone. Norstar Cloud is a true multi-tenant platform operating with an SLA of 99.999% uptime and with recovery features that prevent your communications from experiencing lags, jitter or failure. Our Unified Communications is known for providing flexibility and scalability for core business tasks.

Norstar UC-One provides your business phone service with Unlimited local and long distance, video calling, SMS texting, instant messaging, mobility, presence, and one-click conferencing plus many more features (50 Total) integrated into a single application.

Call Support
Ensure your clients and colleagues can reach you no matter where you go. Norstar Cloud is a true multi-tenant platform operating with an SLA of 99.999% uptime and with recovery features that prevent your communications from experiencing lags, jitter or failure. Our Unified Communications is known for providing flexibility and scalability for core business tasks.
Our all-inclusive hosted phone system with easy-to-use portal and robust mobile applications allow you to manage all your business communications solutions with no IT experience necessary. Our Unified Communications supports a diverse range of business applications and powers a truly global collaboration, in real-time. Unified Communications provides improved workforce productivity and dynamic collaboration, simplified business processes, reduced operational costs, and better customer service. Norstar Unified Communications is a reliable, carrier-grade solution that is always up-to-date without maintenance or any upgrade effort.

This new way of working frees up your business from the constraints of physical locations, giving everyone a fast and easy way to get business done from desktops, tablets and smartphones. No matter the size of your business, Norstar Unified Communications can be scaled to meet your specific and varied communication needs from audio and video conferencing, texting, to screen sharing and online faxing, let your remote teams focus on collaboration and getting things done.

Business Continuity
Because Norstar Unified Communications platform resides on the Norstar network and not on your premises, it means that your communications infrastructure will still be available in the event of a power outage, storm, fire, or other disaster. it’s easy to redirect calls to an alternate location or device if you can no longer take calls at your primary location.
Multiple Locations
Norstar Unified Communication optimizes your operations from one location to many. All phones are connected and operate as a single system allowing for direct extension dialing, seamless call transfers, ring groups, call queues, and much more.

Safe and Secure Communications

Cloud Calling
Cloud Calling
The Unified Communications application provides the highest quality carrier-grade calling capabilities to keep your employees connected and productive from any device.
  • provides complete PBX features and call control on your phone, mobile, PC, tablet, or any smartphone devices anywhere.
  • One Number – Maintain your professional image with your business number across all your devices.
  • Make and receive your business calls on any device you choose.
  • HD Video – Seamlessly switch from voice to video when the need arises.
  • Presence – Always know whose available for a call, chat or meeting.
  • Have an auto-attendant route all your business calls.
  • Move a call in progress from your laptop to your smartphone and vice versa.
  • Access corporate directories
Unified Communications - Messaging
UC-One offers direct and group chat functionality. Users can share files with a simple drag and drop interface. Exchange messages in real-time to minimize email overload. Organize workflows with team messaging, file sharing, and task management. Chats and messages are archived so you never lose track of your history and content. View all your chat history.
Unified Communications - Collaboration
Make team collaboration easier and more personal with HD audio and video. Use one-click to chat, or start an audio or video call. “Spaces” in UC-One allow employees to set up collaboration spaces centered around the people and projects aligned with their work. Call, message, meet, share files on your screen right from a space.

Norstar Unified Communication transparently integrates voice, video, data, security and mobility into a single, smart and affordable communications solution

Desktop/Screen Sharing

You can share your desktop with multiple users at the same time. Share your screen easily with up to 145 participants • Swap screen sharing with guests • Make meetings more effective; keep attendees engaged. You can share your desktop, make a video call, share a file, and chat, all in the same instance.

Mobile App

Move between your desktop and mobile devices with the Norstar Voice mobile app for calls, chats, video calls and presence notifications, available for both iOS and Android. Your teams no longer need to be at their desks to stay productive.
UC-One is ideal for using your personal smartphone for business use. It enables you to use your business identity when calling a customer so you maintain a professional image while keeping your mobile number private.
  • End-to-End quality of service
  • Work From Anywhere
  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring
  • Professional On-site installation

Guaranteed call quality and reliability

CRM Application Integrations

Increase Sales Visibility and Performance with Solutions that Automatically Log Sales Calls in Your CRM.

Integrate business voice features with the applications you use every day, in a matter of minutes.

Norstar integrates with a large number of industry standard partners to extend the value and flexibility of our best-in-class UC solutions. Norstar’s UC-One integrates beautifully with the world’s top SaaS applications like Salesforce.com, Skype, Zendesk and Gmail to name a few.

CRM Application Integrations

Industry-Leading Platform

A Leading Voip Platform With 99.999% Availability

  • One-number VoIP calling on any device: desk phone, smartphone, tablet, and desktop.
  • Find Me/Follow Me – Call forwarding, simultaneous ring and sequential ring allow employees to answer calls in the field when their office number is dialed.
  • Manage just one voicemail box – This service enables users to forward every incoming voicemail as an audio attachment to a designated email account.
  • Collaborate easily with colleagues, from wherever you are.
  • Award-winning, reliable business Unified Communications service.
  • Enjoy over 50 calling features, including Voicemail transcribed as Email.
  • 99.999% financially backed uptime service level agreement (SLA).
  • Manage call routing and features from anywhere.
  • Flat, per-user rate with unlimited local and domestic long distance.
  • Advanced voice, video and document sharing features built-in to improve collaboration.
  • Unparalleled scale and customer flexibility. Flexibility to add users or capacity quickly.
  • High availability redundant platform.
  • Presence capabilities so you know if co-workers are available, in a meeting or offline.
  • With Enterprise Voice, global calling plans and automated call recording are included.
  • Auto Attendant & Receptionist Console.
  • Norstar’s portal provides access to data and reporting that will help your business stay efficient.
  • IP Fax Solution & Desktop sharing.
  • Presence and instant messaging tools streamline communication.
  • Supports mobility for dynamic, on-the-go employees.
  • Fully Managed – Ongoing expert management to ensure your success.
  • Conferencing – HD Voice and Video calling.
  • Elimination of ongoing maintenance and tech support costs
  • Latest features and functionality added as they evolve, with no additional cost
  • Integrates with most if not all of the business softwares that you use every day
  • Multi-Location- Streamline Processes with a Single Bill and Extension Dialing
  • Built-in business continuity.
  • A solution that grows with your needs – Flexibility to easily add users and features to fit the changing needs of a growing business.
  • We take care of all UCaaS-related support, service, upgrades, and training.
  • Secure & Compliant.
  • SD-WAN Capability.
  • Simplified and streamlined billing.
  • Dedicated Team of Engineers & Project Managers.