Wireless LTE Failover

Increasing reliability with wireless failover.

You rely on the Internet to do almost everything for your business. Failures disrupt your work and can lead to data loss. With Norstar, the impact of a system failure never touches your business because traffic is automatically and seamlessly redirected to Failover.

A completely separate network.

In today’s world, having your network down for even a short period of time can cause your business to suffer, to avoid this from happening Norstar LTE Failover can provide immediate, cost-effective, alternate connections in the event your primary connection is lost. Utilizing the latest equipment, we provide the fastest speeds and highest bandwidth available on all networks. LTE Wireless offers businesses a stable, high-performance connection. It can be used as a primary, backup or temporary solution. With improved wireless technology, many IT managers today rely on LTE Wireless Backup Solutions for their WAN backup plan from telephone providers for businesses.

Norstar Wireless Backup (also known as a redundant internet connection or a wireless LTE connection) relies on a LTE network to make sure your business is always connected to the internet during times of a natural disaster or man-made event. Having a wireless backup connection keeps your business running like normal when unexpected disruptions to your internet connection arise. Internet downtime can bring any business to a sudden halt. Most businesses lose the ability to process orders, accept credit cards, utilize aspects of their security system, provide customer service or use VoIP voice systems. Your outages will make a seamless transition over to our LTE backup. You won’t even realize that you are in failover mode. Wireless LTE provides redundancy to your network. You can also use wireless LTE for your satellite offices internet needs. With the power of LTE, you can share and stream video in high definition, surf quickly and easily; and download songs and photos in seconds.

Our LTE Failover product is a premises-based solution that uses routing intelligence between the primary connectivity router and the cellular-based failover device. This routing intelligence allows the device to detect when the primary connection is no longer working and automatically re-routes pre-defined critical business traffic to the LTE connection. Likewise, when the device detects that the primary connection is restored, traffic is routed back automatically.

Norstar’s LTE wireless broadband connections can be bundled with a managed wireless router to provide the ideal solution for business continuity. Use Broadband Wireless access in remote areas, as a temporary service to get up and running fast, or as backup to your wireline service.

Keep your business running, even during an internet outage.

  • Our LTE wireless connections come with full-featured equipment managed directly by Norstar.
  • 100% coverage for your business location(s).
  • Affordable backup to primarily wireline services.
  • Pooled, unlimited, and failover pricing plans available.
  • Supports multiple users per site.
  • Router Management Portal Access.
  • Supports Private or public connectivity- VPN options, including fully managed solutions available.
  • With Norstar, the impact of a system failure never touches your business because traffic is automatically and seamlessly redirected to Failover.

If the power goes out, business goes on. Our automatic LTE backup will keep you up and running so you can take your business above and beyond.


4G LTE Wireless connectivity backup kicks in automatically


Battery backup is included providing upto 6 hrs of power with surge protection.


It’s an affordable reassuring investment in your business.


  • Automatic failover protection
  • Easily deployable
  • Totally automated
  • Cost-effective backup to your primary internet access
  • Convenient- Easily deployable & Cost-effective
  • 100% uptime- Never lose business due to internet failure
  • Alarms and reporting for each failover instance
  • Maintains network availability
  • No on-site action required
  • No programming required
  • Multiple carrier networks through a single source
  • Reliability – Make sure your business stays connected when your Internet is unavailable, our reliable Internet keeps your credit card, point-of-sale machines, and other critical applications online.
  • When router detects a loss of MPLS connection, it will automatically failover to use LTE as a backup connection.
  • Increase network availability.
  • Continue to serve your customers in the event of an outage on your primary network
  • Extension-to-Extension Calling from across your office to across the country.
  • Norstar’s Managed Failover Connectivity will automatically detect access issues with the primary connection and route traffic over the redundant connection until service is restored to the primary connection.
  • Protect your business from costly disruptions.
  • Keep budgets in line with cost-effective business continuity solutions.
Professional installation, setup, monitoring and 24/7/365 technical support included.
Speeds from 5 Mbps to 50 MBPS OR MORE

Broadband Wireless Internet delivers high-speed wireless broadband internet to any location in the US. Fully managed and secure, Broadband Wireless is a good fit for remote locations that aren’t able to connect via DSL or Cable; for a temporary location; and as a fixed wireless and managed failover solution for your existing broadband service. Having true route diversity from a different carrier, one that uses a different route is essential for complete backup protection for your SIP Trunking solution or inbound Call Center service.

Norstar deploys all the necessary equipment and sets up the service, then manages and monitors the network to ensure it is working for you.

Redundant Failover Solutions

  • Minimal equipment and wiring required.
  • 100% coverage for your business location(s).
  • Affordable backup to primarily wireline services.
  • Supports multiple users per site.
  • Pooled, unlimited, and failover pricing plans available.
Broadband Wireless Internet
High Availability
Your offices and retail locations can rely on high availability internet at an affordable price that used to be limited to larger corporations.
Cost Effective
Avoid downtime without the worry of breaking your budget by taking advantage of the benefits of Norstar 4G Failover.
Wireless backup ensures voice and data services stay online and connected seamlessly.
  • Wireless backup solution via nationwide wireless LTE network.
  • 100% coverage for your site.
  • Eliminate downtime and save money by keeping employees productive.
  • Rapid installation, we can have LTE Wireless up and running in a week.
  • Active, pre-provisioned, plug-and-play modem/router.
  • All required equipment is included and configured by Norstar.
  • Dedicated team of wireless experts to assist in deployment.
  • 24x7x365 post-installation support and onsite integration.
  • 24/7 technical NOC support.
  • Minimal equipment and wiring needed.
  • Lower cost alternative to redundant loops.
  • Norstar LTE Failover service leverages your existing Edge device so there is no need for new wiring or complex installation.
  • 100% coverage for your site.
  • Can provide backup access in case primary wireline service fails, Automatic failover means minimal downtime during an internet or power outage.
  • Wireless backup ensures voice and data services stay online and connected seamlessly.
  • Equipment and data packages can be customized to meet your connectivity goals.
  • Price plan options based on monthly data throughput
  • LTE Mobile Broadband enhances your business continuity management so you can:
  • Keep critical business applications up and running with secure server backup.
  • Protect against data loss and maintain data transmission to the cloud or alternate data centers.
  • Seamless fail over for POS transactions, credit cards processing, inventory management and other key processes to continue to perform without interruption.
  • Enjoy seamless integration with a robust portfolio of LTE routers.
  • Supports multiple users per site
  • Prices starting at $35/mo.
  • 24/7/365 support from the Norstar Operations Center.

Our Broadband Wireless connections come with full-featured equipment managed directly by Norstar. This allows us to deliver the absolute best service at a great price.

Broadband wireless service provides a solution for:
  • Primary Connectivity
  • Business Continuity
  • Remote Locations
  • Temporary Deployment
ALL Inclusive Service:
Includes wireless hardware, battery backup, installation and 24/7 US based support.
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